BMW E60 M5 / M6 Euro SMG Tune

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Unlock the true potential of your BMW E60 M5 with our Euro SMG Tune. Crafted with precision and expertise, our tuning solution is designed to enhance the performance, responsiveness, and overall driving experience of your M5. Tailored specifically for the European version of the Sequential Manual Gearbox (SMG), our tune maximizes the capabilities of your vehicle, providing unparalleled power and agility on the road.

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Why Choose Euro SMG Tune?

Upgrade Features:

  • Quicker and improved shifting, less "clunking"
  • Launch Control increased up to 4100rpm from Stock 1900rpm.
  • Latest factory software update available from BMW
  • Euro Spec software is considerably smoother in Drive and Sport Modes
  • Quicker shifts in higher drive logic modes
  • Updates you to the latest transmission software

Available for 2006-2010 BMW M5 and M6 SMG cars.  

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