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How to Remove FRM Module?

Where is the footwell module located? How Do I Remove It?                       

BMW FRM Footwell module location
Figure 3

The FRM module is located at the driver’s side footwell. To be more precise, if your BMW is a left-hand drive, your FRM module will be at the left-hand kick panel as shown in the image. Similarly, if you have a right-hand drive BMW, it will be in the right-hand kick panel.

The footwell module, despite being close to your foot is secured tightly to avoid any contact. Being a 128 pin, three plug control unit, it also has lots of wiring all hidden under the panel. Hence getting access will take a bit of effort.

To access the FRM module, you will first have to remove the door sill trim, unscrew the kick panel, and then get to the module.

Tools to remove a FRM

To remove the FRM, all you need are two simple tools. The first one is a star screwdriver along with a 10 mm hexagonal socket wrench.

BMW FRM removal - Tools required
Figure 4

How to remove the FRM

The process of removing the FRM is a four-step process. You start by removing the trim, take off all the screws and disconnect your footwell module. To do so-

Step1: First start by removing the door sill panels. Since these panels are not connected with screws, you can simply pull them out without using any tools. (Use the image below as reference).

BMW FRM - remove door pannel
Figure 5

The sill is held by clips at 4 points. Start with one side and pull it upwards with a little force. Do the same with the other side and you will successfully remove it. After removing the sill, you can leave the clips as it is.

Step2: Now we can get on with removing the sidekicka panel. This will let us access the footwell module.

But first, you will have to unscrew the bonnet release latch (the hood release). If the screw that secures this part is not visible, you might have to hold back the hood release to expose the screw. Unscrew it using a Phillips screwdriver.

After which you can take off the footwell cover. This plastic cover has a connector on its backside. Disconnect that cable before pulling the cover out of the way completely.

BMW FRM remove side kick panel
Figure 6

Step3: Your footwell module should now be visible. Depending on your car model, the FRM module is secured in place with one or two (one at the bottom and one at the top) 10 mm hex nuts. Use your 10mm socket wrench to remove them. You should be able to pull out your footwell module now.

BMW FRM Footwell module
Figure 7

BMW FRM Footwell - Pull out the footwell module
Figure 8

Step 4: Disconnect the FRM module.

The FRM module has three connectors plugged in: one facing you and two on the opposite side. All three connectors have safety latches (the white part you see on the connector highlighted in Figure 9). Before you can unplug the cables, you need to press and pull the latch p, to release it. It might be a bit more uncomfortable to do this for the connectors on the opposite side, but you’ve got this, all you need is patience.

BMW FRM footwell connector
Figure 9

Congratulations on successfully removing your footwell module!

BMW FRM Removed footwell module
Figure 10

After repairing/replacing it, you can put the FRM module back the same way in reverse order. Just connect the three-pin connectors, screw the module back in, put the side kick panel, screw back the hood release and reattach the door sill.

FRM replace or repair?

You have finally removed the footwell module, so what now?

If you have a faulty FRM module, you have three options to fix this problem:

  • Repair – have it repaired by us, no additional coding required Plug & Play 1 Year* Warranty
  • Replace it with the same FRM model, either a brand new one from the dealer (expensive) or a second-hand unit from some marketplace (cheaper than new)(Requires coding specific for your vehicle.)

We update the software to the latest OEM BMW Software automatically.
Contact us today if you want to get your original FRM repaired.

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