BMW Euro MDM / Competition Traction Coding

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Having the ability to select different “coding parameters” will allow you to better tailor the car to your desired stability control intervention, instead of being forced to deal with what BMW gave you from the factory. This will be good for those that have more experienced car control and can handle more slip - so be careful if you don’t have fantastic car control because coding for more slip angle can be unfavorable.

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GTS Electronic Power Steering - Stiffened feel to steering for improved control and handling with more advanced power assist.

GTS Traction Control - More slip in MDM before power is cut/reduced and allows improved traction control setting and drift characteristics.

GTS Rear Differential - Improved initial take off, cornering and stability.

2014+ F80 BMW M3
2014+ F82/F83 BMW M4
2016+ F87 BMW M2
2018+ F82 BMW M2 Competition
2008+ E9x BMW M3
2006+ E60 BMW M5
2003+ E46 BMW M3

Official GTS Media Release PDF : Here

*Some features may not be available due to vehicle hardware specs.

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