BMW ECU Unlocking Service

$600.00 $1000.00

Since June 2020, BMW/Bosch has adjusted (locked) the security of the ECUs, which can only be unlocked by one party to date. Cars produced from this month cannot be tuned in a regular way, the protection of the ECU must be removed first. The company that provides this service is based in Finland and they perform this exclusively at their location. Because Unlock My BMW Ltd, has a partnership with this company we are able to have your ECU unlocked and then tuned with our software (chip tuning)

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-FULL (program and tune)

-PARTIAL (tune) flashing

-Full Read

-Virtual Read

-ECU unlocking and version changing via OBD2 port! *see below for unlock limitations

-Checksums automatically corrected

-Allows for DTCs to be read and reset

*Please note: If your ECU has a build date of 09/2019-06/2020 then your ECU requires a bench unlock prior to OBD flashing. If your ECU has a build date 07/2020-present then your ECU requires a special FEMTO unlock. All others ECUs be unlocked with us without shipping your ECU out of country. Locally done in Calgary, AB!

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