BMW X Series, E & F & G-Chassis

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Coding List for X Chassis SAVs

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1) DVD In Motion (Navigation Required)‎

2) Enable Video Playback Via USB Port (NBT Navigation Only).Flash Drive/SSD‎

3) Allow The Ability To Add New Devices (Phone, iPod) To The System While Driving‎

4) Screen Mirroring & Miracast (Android Devices Only) – 2017+ Models w/ Navigation Only‎

5) Enable The Ability To Use Office Functionality While Driving (Requires BMW Office)‎

6) Turn On Zoom Feature For Rear View Camera‎

7) Disable Legal Disclaimers (Startup, Cameras, Etc.)‎

8) Add/Delete Weatherband (WB) To Entertainment Options (CIC Navigation Only)‎

9) Enable Torque & Power Meters In iDrive‎

10) Enable Tire Pressure & Temperature Readings In iDrive‎

11) Transfer Phone’s Ringtone To Vehicle (Only Works With iPhones)‎

12) Change US Nav Voice To UK Nav Voice‎

13) Enable M Logo On Startup, Instead BMW Logo – (NBT Navigation Only)‎

14) Change BMW Sounds/Gongs To Mini, Rolls Royce or BMWi (NBT Navigation Only)‎

15) Ability To Read Full Texts/Emails (As Opposed To First 3 Lines) – Requires BMW Office‎

16) Disable Active Sound‎

17) Disable TPMS – Can Enable FTM (Measuring Based Off Wheel Rotation)‎

18) Disable Seat Belt Chimes‎

19) Disable Seat Belt Butlers‎

20) Close Windows & Sunroof With KeyFob‎

21) Fold/Unfold Side Mirrors With KeyFob & Comfort Access‎

22) Fold Side Mirrors As Soon As The Vehicle Is Locked‎

23) Disable Window Safety (Allows One Touch Up Window Operation W/Door Open)‎

24) Start Car Without Braking/Clutching‎

25) Unlock Doors When Car Is Turned Off‎

26) Radio/Nav Turns Off When Door Is Opened (After Pressing Stop Button Once)‎

27) Close Trunk From Key & Interior Button (Automatic Trunk Option only)‎

28) Disable Top Speed Restriction For Opening/Closing Convertible Top‎

29) Disable Auto Start/Stop (A.S.S) OR Code It To Last Memory Setting‎

30) Disable Angel Eye Dimming (When Low Beams Are Turned On)‎

31) Remove Light Errors (Caused By Aftermarket LED Lights, etc.)‎

32) Enable High Beam Assist (Requires High Beam Assist And Adaptive LED Headlights)‎

33) Enable Taillights As DRLs, In Addition To Angel Eyes‎

34) Enable Fog Lights As Welcome Lights‎

35) Disable Sidemarkers (Still Work As Turn Signals)‎

36) Run High Beams & Fog Lights Simultaneously‎

37) Change ‘One Touch’ Lane Change Count From 3 Blinks to (4,5,6,etc)‎

38) Enable Brake Force Braking (Flashing Taillights Activated With Heavy Braking)‎

39) Enable Door Handle Lights To Come On When Car Is Put In Reverse‎

40) Disable Auto-Dimming Side Mirrors‎

41) Enable Fog Light Functionality While The Light Switch Is In The Parking Light Position‎

42) Disable Fogs From Turning On When You Are Turning Left & Right‎

43) Disable Headlight Washers‎

44) Change Amount Of Sprays For Headlights Washers From 2 To 3‎

45) Digital Speedometer (On By Default On Some ///M Cars)‎

46) Enable ///M Performance Logo In The Gauge Cluster (Need 6WA Cluster)‎

47) Change Cluster Language To Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Etc.‎

48) Change Fuel Level Reserve Warning‎

49) Disable Top Speed Restriction For Cameras (Can Be Used While Driving)‎

50) Disable AC/Climate From Automatically Turning On When Car Is Started‎

51) Pressing ‘Auto’ On The Climate Control Does Not Activate AC‎

52) Always Remember Seat Heating & Cooling Memory Upon Vehicle Start‎

53) Enable/Disable Comfort Seat Entry/Exit (Seat Moving When Entering Or Leaving Vehicle)‎

54) Add Sports+ Mode (If Vehicle Does Not Have It Already)‎

55) Euro MDM (///M Cars Only)‎

56) Enable Car To Start In EcoPro Mode By Default‎

57) Enable Blind Spot Detection To Be Active From 12mph Instead Of 30mph‎
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