BMW M5 & M6 V10 Ecu Tune

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Get the most power, best throttle response, and highest drive-ability all around in one package.

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Comprehensively developed to provide the most refined tune and the highest output possible for E60 & E63 S85 platforms available anywhere. We spend the time to be the expert so you can rely on us to take your street or race BMW to the next level.

We take a comprehensive approach to tuning; this means we work with the whole system to find the most power, best throttle response, and highest drive-ability around.

Stage 1 Tune - Our stage one tunes set out to maximize the power, refine the smoothness, and provide ultimate responsiveness of the engine at all operating conditions. Stage 1 tunes are designed to be used with mild engine modifications, but require no modifications to operate effectively. Our stage 1 tunes open the door for personalization and customization. No “cookie-cutter” or “Off-the-shelf” tunes here! Build your personalized tune with the stage 1 tune options below!

Stage 2 Tune - Our stage 2 tuning packages improve upon everything provided in the stage 1 tuning packages, but these packages provide fine-tuned calibrations for specific hardware. Such as exhaust and or Intake modifications that alter the air & exhaust flow. These tunes maximize the performance of the engine in most applications, and are built to provide substantial gains above what the stage 1 provides. You’ll find these packages have bundled and preselected hardware that is marked as required. These products are required to meet the descried power potential.

Tune Configuration

1Tune Options

Stage 1 To 2
Top Speed Limiter Delete
Increased Rev Limit
Free Upon Request
Increased Idle rpm(Optional)
Raised Launch Control RPM
Add Burble, Crackle, and Flames

2Delivery Options

Remote Tune
Local Tune
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