BMW FlexFuel Conversion

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Ready to go green while saving money, gaining horsepower & cleaning your engine ?

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Flex Fuel Power Module

Gain upto 40 hp! %10*

•Plug and Play Flex Fuel Conversion Module
•Allows vehicles to run gasoline, E15, E85, E98 or any mixture of the three
•Dynamically adjusts fuel injector pulses based on ethanol content measured in the fuel

•Contains Fuel Composition Sensor, Control Module, and Wiring Harness

•IOS and Android apps available for configuring system and real time monitoring of fuel injector duty cycle and ethanol content of fuel via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
•1 year warranty

It is important to choose the correct style fuel injector plug when selecting which version to purchase.

See the fuel injector below to see what 'EV1 style fuel injector plugs look like.


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